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I got a new Covert from Tom Mayo. Tom's a bit of a friend and I've got a few of his knives. He makes knives that are simple, ergonomic and sublime. He's in his 70s and may not be active forever, so when I had the chance to score a Covert directly from him, I couldn't pass it up!

The Covert is an interesting knife. Mine is a medium, so about a 3.5" blade. The really interesting thing is that a covert is completely rust proof and non magnetic. The scales are 6AL4V Titanium, so non-ferrous. The blade is Stellite 6K, so a cobalt matrix with lots of carbides, but no iron. Add in all Ti hardware and you have a knife that can live around water and never rust, or maybe even slip into places where it shouldn't. The story is that Tom originally designed the Covert for some Alphabet Soup .gov guys that were security conscious. The covert is the one in the pic with all the holes. I am super stoked!

I have another knife from Tom (TNT model) that is the same profile, but has a steel blade and hardware, so would trigger a metal detector, unlike the Covert. It's the one with the straight line of holes in the pic. It's a favorite EDC for me as it's slim and easy to carry, but super useful. The blade on this one is 154CM and is slightly pitted as I took it swimming in the Pacific on a trip to Hawaii. The pitting is purely cosmetic and would negatively affect resale value, but doesn't impact the knife's performance at all.

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