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Snoopy47: I spoke with a CW4 who heads the WO recruitment program the other week during a Pre-Command Course at Los Alamitos and she didnít say anything about that, we spoke briefly about my permanent profile and if I should get it removed or to seek a waiver.

I joined between my junior and senior year of high school, my lowest line score is a 113, have more than the 5 years in Artillery as an NCO and have been to JFO. Most of my NCOERs are better than just good, and the ones that are just good are from times that I was acting in a position that I wasnít experienced or trained in. Add in Iím working on my second bachelors in M.E.

Ultimately, Iíll take whatever course that those with more experience and knowledge think is the best choice for the needs of the Guard, I wouldnít feel cheated staying enlisted, although it would be pretty cool and fun to be a targeting WO. Precision targeting, weaponeering, and collateral damage estimating was a ton of fun during my 13F SLC.
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