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Originally Posted by rero360 View Post
Coming up on 19 years in the Guard here, current contract puts me to 25 years, but I'm staying in longer. Currently an Infantry 1SG, although seeing how I spent most of my NCO career as a 13F, I'll probably move back to artillery when I pick up SGM in a few years. I'm toying with the idea of spending a few years as a SGM then dropping an artillery warrant packet and then stay in that route until they kick me out at 60, which would be a total of 43 years in. The only thing potentially keeping me from going warrant is the perm waiver I have for crohns, I'm hoping that if/when I start looking serious into that path that it won't be an unsolvable issue.
Can you go Warrant? Or did you join when right out of high school. Also, I thought they might not let you go WO if you made it to E8.
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