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Originally Posted by anthonyca View Post
Wow, I remember following your thread about trying to get in. If I remember correctly, you were up against the age limit.
Yea, I was 38 back then, the limit was 42, and I was tying to commission.

This being around March-2011

Then the USAR lowered the commissioning age back down to 30, bumping me out of contention for officer. HOWEVER, the enlistment window was still 42, but going to be LOWERED to 35 at the beginning of April-2011.

So I basically had a week to shat or get off the pot.

In that time, got to SGT, had a deployment, made officer, got a second MOS, now Company Commander. Around 90% with my GI Bill vesting, so just about any other long term orders, or mobilization will fully vest it. Plan to use it in retirement and take full time basket weaving classes at the local community college so I can get that BAH with the GI bill.

I'm here in SPITE of the system.

Ah.................. Good times...............

Took a lot of internet flak back then, took even more flak as a 38 year old SPC.

STILL!!!!!! take a lot of flack as a 46 year old 1LT, but.............. not from any CSM's or below, hahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Before there was Polymer there was Accuracy.

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