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Originally Posted by CinnamonBear723 View Post
This. Arson investigators go through an 832 or 836 class so they can carry. I know several OCFA guys that carry for this reason. They also quickly realize that being a cop is a much better job that dragging hoses and sick people around.
I had to laugh at the last sentence.
The OP most likely, as others have stated prior, observed a member of that municipality's Arson Unit. Some members go by the title of Cause Investigator, Arson Investigator, Fire Investigation Unit Inspector, etc. Most work a shift schedule that mirrors platoon field personnel, or in some cases a "40-hr" work week, with a rotating duty schedule for call-outs, etc. For many, the case load is significant, and cooperation with mutual aid (fire/LE) agencies in a working relationship is very common and necessary.
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