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Default Email from Turners COVID19

Thank you for your email notifying me you are following the recommended guidelines set forth by the powers that be.

However, the fact that you stated many items in the Spring Flyer are in high demand because of current health concerns and will likely be unavailable is a pointless statement to make. As I have posted in the past, you rarely have stock of items on sale sufficient for demand past a day or two anyway. When I posted about this before I was given the standard statement that inventory control is always working to improve supply based on ... bla bla bla. There is absolutely no reason for this, you have the capitol and supply of these items is generally not lacking. To constantly have sales and promotions and have only enough for a day or two is actually brilliant. Like I used to, many will try to come in a few days later in hopes you will get more stock. That's two or more times you get a customer in the store to NOT get what they came for but to put all the other, non sale items in their view.

The fact the sale items will be unavailable before the sale ever starts is truly ironic.

If this sounds like a rant, it is a bit of one but it's what happens when I'm stuck at home for the most part. This past year I bought two guns online and even with the fees they were cheaper than your sale items.

Keep up the good work!
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