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You guys will be shocked but I only use 3/8 to 1/2 oz jig heads with 4" swimbaits. Depends on how deep I am fishing. 3/8 oz is for water up to 15'. 1/2 oz is for 16-25'. I'm not catching the really big butts but have caught a few 29"ers with my setup.

The reason why I feel it's better to go lighter is because of how the bait reacts when twitched. Too heavy of a weight the swimbait doesn't fall back down naturally. The rod I use is 13 Fishing Omen Green 7'7" Medium action with Shimano Chronarch 201E6 with 20 lb braid with 25 lb florocarbon top shot.

The theory of big bait catches big fish could be correct but it also means less action too.
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