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I’ve flown numerous times with a firearm to Texas out of ONT/LAX. Never had a delay or issue. The more you fly obviously the more likely you could have an issue with an idiot TSA/airline employee at some point. But it’s well worth it to practice your constitutional rights IMO as you follow the law. The AZ permit is easy to acquire. Recognized in Texas. The sign issues in Texas are bothersome at worst to me. There are web sites that clearly outline what businesses have what signage. I don’t like the signs obviously but again I will not patronize businesses that don’t support my 2A rights. I honestly do not notice many signs at all as I travel around in Texas but then I spend very little time in metropolitan areas other than Ft Worth. As a current prisoner in CA, having to occasionally disarm for absolutely necessary business in a signed building in Texas is a very small hassle.

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