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Default Larger BLM Clean Up Tools?

I've been searching for something that would help cleanup BLM trash effectively without bringing in an industrial trash vacuum that costs thousands to mostly pick up shotgun hulls/wads but hopefully shells and trash too. Seen many brass/shell/trash pick up hand tools, but still searching for something a little more handy than a large shop vac + generator.

Does anyone have experience using a shop vac / generator or any of the following on desert BLM land (not at indoor or outdoor ranges):

Ammo-Up Mini for shotgun shells (they have a variety of models down to rimfire, the youtube videos look intriguing, cost is $300+)

any "gold dust collecting device" (I know you can make these from a standard yard blower/vac & bucket) or backpack gas trash vacuum using a 2.5"+ hose such as (this particular one has a backpack frame, cost is $400+):
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