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Originally Posted by crufflers View Post
I always thought those looked very interesting, especially when sales like that came up. Post your review when you get it? That seems like it might be on the short list of folders that are the next best thing to a fixed blade. Basically my list is a good size Cold Steel with a TRI-AD lock or a AXIS lock Benchmade 810/Contego M4 (not an important niche for me since I have neither of those anymore). Even a small fixed blade like a SYKCO Dumpster Mutt or 511 will be a lot tougher than those.
I got it. Wow, it's a big knife, not exactly for a pocket. It's about an inch thick. I'll be looking for a belt holder to carry it in.
Seems nicely constructed. Lockup is solid, and the blade is about 3/16" thick, with little flex. It is sharp on arrival.
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