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Originally Posted by Turner's Outdoorsman View Post
We'll consider price matches for local competitors who have the item in stock- sometimes we can do it, sometimes we can't. We won't try to match an online, out-of-area dealer/distributor on a sold-out/out-of-stock item.
Originally Posted by Kerplow View Post
Does Turners monitor their sub forum?

Same gun is now on sale at Riflegear for $90 less
ummm they posted above.

they will price match local stores printed ad, no online stores at all.
Originally Posted by leelaw View Post
Because -ohmigosh- they can add their opinions, too?
Originally Posted by SoCalSig1911 View Post
Preppers canceled my order this afternoon because I called them a disgrace... Not ordering from those clowns again.
Originally Posted by PrepperGunShop View Post
Truthfully, we cancelled your order because of your lack of civility and your threats ... What is a problem is when you threaten my customer service team and make demands instead of being civil. Plain and simple just don't be an a**hole (where you told us to shove it).
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