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First - You’ve done an AMAZING job with this site, including the education and activism it created. I agree with (2) posters from page 1: joyful joker and the other who started their neighborhood watch.

Any yahoo keyboard “warrior” can say what they want for any asinine purpose. These pages are replete with such posts.

(1) Getting people involved,
(2) applauding and acknowledging each other when we physically show 2A support (monetarily, in person / at rally, or other overt means
(3) find a way to alternate a local shoot & then sit down at the park / beach / lodge style meeting. Engage face to face, have an agenda shared in advance so most people come prepared, and perhaps
(4) provide guidance on which organizations are our true allies who deserve quid pro quo support.

Like others on this post - I felt I made the most difference when I held annual pumpkin shoots over nearly 2 decades with gay / straight/ atheist / believers/ LAPD & bikers/ and people of all races. 2-3 dozen used to be the norm, and due while the number has dwindled (for legal and other reasons) - I found face to face engagement had the most positive impact.

Bravo Zulu for all that you’ve done and for the shot of adrenaline!


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