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I am a member of a couple of "unmoderated" sites. Believe me, you don't want to go there with Calguns. The number of people who say stupid and threatening things because they cannot debate the issue under discusion is high on every one of those "unmoderated" sites.

We don't need that here. We have enough issues with existing members under the existing rules. That alone should tell you that opening up the discussion by removing language restrictions is a bad choice. Especially for a gun-right website. The anti's would be pointing to our lack of self control as a basis to claim we're dangerous and that's the reason they should take ALL of our guns away from us.

As a Gun Rights collective, we have to face the fact that until SCOTUS gets off it's black robe wearing butts and actually does it blasted job, we're going to be pee'd on by our legislators here in California.

SCOTUS is where we need to be focused. We need to send strong 2A cases their way and STOP playing around with the CC/OC debate which is dividing us. That division is eroding our ability to actually progress forward toward regaining our 2A Rights.

From there; We NEED to get off our own collective butts too. We need pro 2A candidates to run for office in districts where the current "ruler" is termed out. We NEED TO STOP WHINING about how it's "too difficult" to get anywhere in politics because the State is locked into the 1-party Democrat thing. Trump is 73 and he's the freaking President for heaven's sake. If he can do it in his 70's, YOU can do it in your 50's and 60's. Especially on the State level.

None of this can happen soon, but it can happen. If, that is, we decide to stop being pretenders and start being actual activists. It takes more than money and loud talk.
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