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Originally Posted by Kate View Post
Absolutely no offense taken in any way. In 5 pages of responses, it might have been the most entertaining of them all.

Although far from shrewd, I am always amused by Kate quotes, even if the allusion is one of a small mole-like mammal...

At least I was not a poor player strutting and fretting...

I hope I am tamed well enough to appreciate your clever wittiness...

It's all good! Have fun Kate, and I actually think you and I are much more of like mind on many issues than casual observers may assume.

Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
What compelling interest has any level of government in knowing what guns are owned by civilians? (Those owned by government should be inventoried and tracked, for exactly the same reasons computers and desks and chairs are tracked: responsible care of public property.)

If some level of government had that information, what would they do with it? How would having that info benefit public safety? How would it benefit law enforcement?

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