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Originally Posted by Excitable Boy View Post
While I detest Microtech as a company, I absolutely LOVE my UTX70 and UIltratech! I just hope they never fail as my personal experience is that Microtech service just sucks. I disputed this for years, but they finally proved to me that the rumors are true. It's a shame as their OTF autos are best in class. I don't own any BM autos, but my experience wit their customer service has always been very positive.

I'm pretty much a custom knife fiend and don't get excited about production knives that that ZT 0609 is just HOT! It's one of my favorite knives of all time, even if it doesn't have the snob appeal of my customs. So much knife for the money and such a sweet design!

I just got back from The Gathering knife show in Las Vegas ( . It was a long weekend, but was absolutely awesome!

I scored an Emerson CQC-8 Custom with Ti bolsters and black G10 scales in the Emerson Lottery. I only owned it for about twelve hours, so didn't get pics to share. I paid $850.00 and flipped it to a dealer for $1400.00. He seemed happy to get it, so I think there is upside on top of that, but I was very happy to make $550.00 profit. It certainly helped offset the cost of the trip

I also scored a Kevin Foster Anchovy Mid Tech that looks like this:

Kevin is a good friend. Kevin and I started making knives at about the same time (Ok, I really started first). I approached it as a hobby that I couldn't allocate much time to and have no following and have only made a handful of knives, while he jumped in with both feet and has made some amazing stuff. He's a real knife maker while I'm still a novice hobbyist at best. Kevin has spent a lot of time learning from guys like Tom Mayo and Lee Williams. He's studied under truly world class knife makers. His stuff reflects that.

I'm proud to call him a friend and am amazed to see him have success with projects like this. It's an awesome knife, super well executed and I'm really proud to add it to my EDC rotation.

Itís amazing that you are even venturing out and designing your own knives. It goes to show how great an industry it is when you can purchase a knife at a show and make 550 dollars before leaving for the evening. I completely understand how production knives donít really do it for you because you have certainly graduated to the upper echelon of knife making. As my collection continues to grow, Iím sure I will add some higher end pieces and am looking forward to what the industry has to offer. Thank you for adding your comments to the thread. I really enjoyed reading what you had to say and seeing the pic of that amazing custom knife. Hereís a shot of my entire knife family as it stands today. I may add a couple more before the holiday weekend is over. Stay safe Sir...

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