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Originally Posted by kcstott View Post
Pass is free but you have to show up in person to get it and you need to get on the list so the base knows who you are. That gets taken care of with an email and a match registration via practiscore.
Matches cost $20 - $35 depending on the format and membership level.

We have access to 1300 yards on two ranges.
Originally Posted by kcstott View Post
As for making the best use of your time.

You need to work on your basic fundamentals at 100-300 yards this will allow you concentrate on you and the gun and not worry about the wind.
Once you can put consistent tiny groups on paper at 100-300 yards and do it with near perfect recoil control then you can stretch it out. All the while you need to be taking notes on your rifle and load. Dope is ever evolving. If you plan to shoot steel range cards are good enough. If you plan to shoot NRA F Class or High Power you need more accurate data that reflects the environmental conditions. Wind is the hardest part for people. There is no formula because all wind is different. Up and down drafts, swirling currents, the topography the wind is flowing over all plays a part in how the bullet is effected at range.
And you need to learn to walk before you can run.
Originally Posted by smoothy8500 View Post

Yeah, I've missed a lot of wind changes by ignoring the flags for a moment...Mirage also gives a lot of info too.

A couple of pretty good write-up from AccurateShooter:
I guess it would've hurt to just watch and maybe put some rounds down the range on practice day to get a feel for it . but it totally makes sense and will be taking baby steps . I think I'm on the right path as for progress .
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