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Sure Bryanrheem....sure...LOL. I understand the busy. The closest we are doing to a Known Distance is the 200 yard Rimfire Known Distance. You really need to have attended a 25 yd Appleseed first. It's shooting your rimfire...yes your rimfire at 50, 100, 150 and 200 yards. So much fun. Lots of walking and adjusting your sights.

No winter events. Attendace tends to be very low and the shoot boss (me) doesn't like doing winter (cold) events.

Closest I got was the Pistol event for us instructor in March up at Hat Creek Rifle and Pistol club and the instructor 200 yd Rimfire KD in April at the same range. Both cold...March had a little bit of snow, April was wet and windy and cold.

Hope to see you out there sometime.
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