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Originally Posted by TrailerparkTrash View Post
You didn’t read the Bible versus I posted. It explains everything. It doesn’t matter what one’s “bloodline” is. Jew, Greek, Asian, Latino, European, etc.... all that matters is believing in Christ. Believe that he died for your sins, that He is Lord, and that we (you and I,) are all sinners that need to repent. This is how we are saved.

Being Jewish or should I say.... DNA has NOTHING to do with salvation. Zero, zip, zilch!

However being a believer in Christ has EVERYTHING to do with one’s salvation from eternal hell, regardless of race, sex, nationality or DNA.

The end.
The end,.....not quite.

Yes I read your Bible verses.
The issue is that if you are not a Christian, you are going to hell.
So say most Christians.
That is what you are saying.
I'm saying that I do not believe that.

Are the Jews God's chosen people? The answer is yes.
Are they Christian? The answer is no.
Are the Jews going to hell? According to Christians - yes.

That was the point.
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