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Originally Posted by johnireland View Post
So we've had a lot of talk (me included) about what's wrong in America re: the Second Amendment...but we've only seen a couple of bright spots across the nation from the state of Virginia. Just talking about Virginia isn't going to create a nation wide movement. I'm looking to make contact with Second Amendment supporters who are willing to become activists.

Let's search all of Southern California to find each other. We have to start making time in our lives to not just react to the anti-gun lobby, but instead start instigating Second Amendment pro-gun events. And not just where there are already gun lovers...we have to become a presence at every Democratic and anti-gun rally and event we can find. If there is a city council meeting on "gun violence," we need to be there in large numbers that over fill the events, with the statistics and alternatives advocating our point of view.

We should NOT be carrying any firearms at any events, even if you have a CCW. That will only be used to say we are threatening people. There may come a time when we have "gun-ins" like the old 1960s "love ins" but never in anyway that can be twisted by the Dems and the MSM into looking like a threat or violent danger.

We know we out number the anti-gun movement, but we need to show be as numerous and vocal as the gun haters. We need to make the politicians in this Leftist State begin to feel a real push back from those of us who fully support the Constitution of the USA, and in particular, the Second Amendment.

We don't have to reinvent the wheel...we can use all the existing technology to communicate with each other. We don't need to become over organized with levels of leadership and bureaucracy (like governments are). We just need to put out the word on events, and then commit...each and every one of being there. I don't even think we need a name...we just need numbers of people. You want to carry a sign...make one.

If we find ourselves being threatened by mobs of leftists...such as Antifa or the other Marxist goon squads, we can form our own security perimeters at that time. If law enforcement doesn't provide us with the same protection it gives the leftist, we can capture that on our cell phones and flood the internet with it. We have the moral high ground so let's not do this with a chip on our shoulders...let's be smart...and let's make this a true grass roots movement.

My name is John Ireland. I live in Sherman Oaks, CA. My email is so contact me if this interests you. Again, lets keep it in our own geographic area so that our efforts are maximized. I'll travel all over southern California to do my part.
I would support it!
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