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Default Damn Cats!

Anyone seen my spotting scope?

Rats! Why is it on the floor? Uhoh, it doesn't feel right, Something's moving in the zipper case. I open it and discover that things are not OK. Not at all.

Gotta admit, it's all on me. Came back from the range several days ago and dumped everything on a table near the door. Hadn't gotten around to putting it away. The cats did what cats do ‒ everything is a cat toy that obeys the law of entropy and winds up on the floor. It's the way of the universe. Hard to stop kicking myself for this.

I check the website and the scope has a "limited lifetime" warranty. Wonder what that means?

"C" at Kowa-USA tells me this model is 20+ years old (guess I got my money's worth). They don't make it anymore, and they don't have parts for it. But if I'll send it to them ‒ they'll sell me today's equivalent of that model, at a discounted price. Not a bad deal but still, that works out to $500. Naturally, my old eyepiece won't work with the new scope, they changed the mount, so I'll need one of those too. That's another $200 (at the discounted price) so the total is $700.

Then it occurred to me that I have some brand new JB Weld in the cupboard and I might be able to cobble it back together. It will probably look like he77, but for $700 I'll put up with it and besides, it's a good story. (Well, maybe not a "good" story, but I'm easily amused).

I call Kowa‒USA again and I ask "C" ‒ If I try to repair the scope and it doesn’t work, will they still offer me the discount purchase? I describe it as a win‒win. If it works, they won't hear from me again, and if it doesn't I'll still buy a new scope from them on the warranty trade‒in deal . She says that they will let me try the repair!

Besides the massive hole in the rear housing, where the eyepiece used to reside, there are several other cracks in the back end of it. And a small piece of the housing is missing. It's probably with the rest of the "stolen" cat toys. Somewhere there's a secret "cat place" that holds several pieces of brass, a brand new (cycled only once) dummy .44 Mag round, from when I was function testing my new Marlin SBL, and half a dozen Mason Jar sealing rings.

So here are the results. Looking out the back window, there are the tops of some tall trees about 157 yards away. I can see individual leaves. The field doesn't seem to be as flat as before, but for the cost of a tube of JB Weld (with quite a bit left over) I have my scope back.

Anyone else use Sugru? This pic shows some of it sealing up the hole left by the missing piece of the body. It was about an inch long and 1/4" wide.

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