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Originally Posted by bug_eyedmonster View Post
I have a Vertx Gamut Plus that I use daily for work, and there are times that I travel in less than ideal areas. During those times, I usually carry one of the Spartan Armor AR650 back pack plates. The plate is currently mounted via heavy duty double sided tape to the rigid plastic panel that came with the bag, which is obviously not ideal. Does anyone have a better method to hold the plate higher up to the more vital area? The plate is 10x13", the plastic sheet it is currently taped to is 14x18", roughly. The Gamut Plus has a built in sleeve for this plastic panel, which is where the plate/panel currently sits when needed. I'm open to any suggestions, but it needs to still pass through TSA. Thanks for your time.

I don't have a better option, but I feel the frustration. Adding a custom spacer works with those plastic panels because duct tape will stick really well... you don't see it anyway. I suggested to LAPG to add a long and wide canvas strap with hook and loop inside the pocket... that would make it adjustable inside the pocket to whatever 10-15" long panel you'd use in a pack to get it right at the top so it sits where a good PC puts a plate.

Maybe you can get a strap with hook and look sewn in.
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