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The R7/HW30 rifles generally shoot so well out of the box that they rarely need tuning. It could be, after 20 years or so, necessary to replace the seals. You’ll know right away if there’s a problem; the gun will almost certainly exhibit a harsh firing sequence, there will be a decided loss of accuracy, and the pellets may not even reach your target. You may also find bits of the seal in the bore.

If this happens, don’t panic. It’s a very easy fix for anyone with basic mechanical skills, and the internet is full of forums with tons of information about the R7.

A little note on applying grease to piston seals. I find that if I put a little moly grease on my finger and then just spread it around the circumference of the seal, it’ll be just about right. If you look at the grease on the seal and think it doesn’t quite look like enough was applied, then you’ve done it correctly.

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