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Originally Posted by sfe187 View Post
Here are what LAX Ammo's website explaining your question.


Our brick-and-mortar store in Inglewood, California is a great place for Southern California residents to purchase their ammunition and firearms accessories. Because we have to pay employees and overhead expenses on our building and loading facility, our in-store prices are slightly higher than what you pay when you buy ammo online at times.

They have two business models (Online and in-store). And they seem to have enough in-store customers to keep them afloat. There are people out there willing to pay $1 a round and they think its the norm.
If they can get away with upcharging that much more power to them but I don't believe for a second their explanation. You need a brick and mortar for online sales too. You need a physical location for storage and employees to process the orders. I order from true shot gun club in AZ and they also have a brick and mortar and they don't have walk in retail rates vs. online rates. How are they able to do business at the national average price and stay in business? I suppose "slightly" can be subjective but 30~50% is not slight in my books.
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