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Originally Posted by spyyder52 View Post
That's because they are greedy and stupid. I called them a number of times, they either do not answer or quote me $470 for 1000 rd of reload 9mm. Yeah I would NEVER spend money there, these guys are bull ****ters. They are in the business gauging. Also difference in price tells me they are dishonest. List your god damn CA ammo price stop playing the games. 0 stars, stay away!
I've shot a few hundred of their inhouse reloads at their range and I've experience 2~3 percent failure to cycle or load failures. Had the employee clear the jam for me each time but they kept telling me that's normal. CCi Blazer and PMC which I've shot in thousands so far didn't jam once. Their reloads are crappy. And the fact that they're selling them almost 500 bucks for a thousand is highway robbery. I buy 9mm CCI blazer for about .34 a round.
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