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Originally Posted by mygaas View Post
Why are LAX Ammo pricing different for online vs. walk in? I live in LA and used to frequent the range before they started requiring patrons to buy their over priced ammo to utilize their range which leads to the main question...

Why do you guys give better rates to out of state customers and price anywhere from 30%~70% more to your local walk in customers? Your online pricing is almost as competitive to other national pricing but when I walked into your store and asked why the price seems far cheaper online, your employee gave me an answer I couldn't understand. According to him online business and walk in retail are two different entities. But they advertise same address, same name and same phone number. So let's cut through the bull and tell us what the real reason is?

I found a bunch of out of state vendors who's willing to ship to CA to an FFL that's willing to accept my ammo purchases by charging me a $10 transfer fee with a $1 back ground check which I think is reasonable. Currently I buy CCI Blazer 115 gr 9mm for .34 a round. I recently bought Ammo inc's 77 gr .223 match grade for $13.99 per 20 making it .70 cents a round. These aren't some unicorn sales somewhere out of state. These are relatively easy to find deals online. Can someone from LAX elaborate? This is an issue for you guys because you guys get tons of inquires about this in the form of bad reviews at google and on yelp. You might want to clear the air?
That's because they are greedy and stupid. I called them a number of times, they either do not answer or quote me $470 for 1000 rd of reload 9mm. Yeah I would NEVER spend money there, these guys are bull ****ters. They are in the business gauging. Also difference in price tells me they are dishonest. List your god damn CA ammo price stop playing the games. 0 stars, stay away!
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