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Default I did not know this about the GI Bill for Reservists

Long and the short of it is I finally got systems access to ARNET (basically, I'm lazy with keeping my certs current, and the guy that always has access is the guy that gets dumped all the work), and I poked around my own HR records.

Turns out, yes, when you leave the Army you have 15 years to use your GI Bill (prior to 2013, I guess new entries don't expire after 2013 service).

Leaving the Army is defined as leaving ACTIVE DUTY!!!!!!!!! The clock starts at your first DD214.

So I notice my clock started back in 2012 when I graduated AIT. So parts of my GI Bill expire in less than 4 years.

Now.... I submitted my request for GI Bill benefits yesterday, and hopefully that benefits letter will update my total service time and expiration date. So potentially this could all be cool, but when is the government know to make things cool for us.

Just wanted to put it out there. I didn't know that. I had been walking around presuming I had 15 years after I finished with the reserves.

Worst case is I start a degree program in Kinesiology, stack my classes with fitness classes, and burn up getting all my BAH money while getting swole by spending 6 hours a week exercising.
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