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Default URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2022) rescheduled and venue changed

URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2022) – rescheduled and venue changed

For lack of sufficient sign-ups for a 3K in SoCal, and only one qualified shooter from NorCal planning on coming down, it has been decided to reschedule the 2022 3K to May 15th at our NorCal venue and have a qualification session the day before, Saturday the 14th.

Registration is open. Those that have already qualified (check the listing link at the top of, should register for Sunday, the 15th. Those that are interested in trying to qualify for the 3K, should register for Saturday, the 14th – if you qualify, we will have your sign and date the Saturday liability waiver again on Sunday.

Qualification info and Course of Fire for Saturday:
1. Saturday is dedicated to qualifying previously not-qualified shooters.
2. All shooting will be at the regular 2054-yard distance.
3. CoF (this mimics the normal monthly match CoF):
a. 7 practice shots and rotate;
b. 3 practice shots and immediately 10 “qualification” shots (to qualify to shoot “record” round) and rotate; and
c. for those that scored at least 3 hits in the 10 qualification shots, 10 record shots.
4. Any shooter that gets at least 5 in 10 during any of these three opportunities (7+3 practice, 10 qual, and 10 record) is then qualified to shoot the 3K on Sunday.

Registration closes at 6 PM, Pacific, on Wednesday, May11, 2022. There will be no onsite registration.

Any questions, please contact me ASAP – webmaster at

PLEASE get you and your buds and budettes registered ASAP. Thanks.
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