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Originally Posted by Cowboy T View Post
In light of the above, I would think that the NRA would and should be actively promoting the Second Amendment especially in communities of color. The businesses that aren't getting destroyed--the parking lots that aren't getting burned--all that--those are the ones that are guarded by armed folks. The rioters see those armed defenders and go elsewhere.

Conclusion: an armed society apparently really is a more polite society.

Since the NRA is into promoting and preserving the 2A, this is exactly what they should be using in a nation-wide campaign. They should be going into especially predominately-minority communities and pointing this out. When I see these White rioters destroying Black and other communities of color, I think of the "Black Wall Street" riots in Tulsa, OK. It's just like that. They're firebombing these Black and other predominately POC communities. I'm having trouble imagining a better case for the 2A than this.

The NRA should be pointing this out. Why aren't they??
Rhetorical question. Because the current leadership don't care. They know they're getting paid regard less. Let that sink in. Entitlement.
Politicians should only be allowed one term in office, then one term in jail.
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