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Originally Posted by pingpong View Post
To clarify, this is for the case where I buy something from an online store (Aim, JG, Classic, etc.) and have to have it shipped to a FFL01. So to be clear I list the FFL01’s info, not the store they sold it?

Who ever the ffl you actually pick it up from should be listed as who you "acquired" it from.

So if there is a string of ffl's who ship it from one to another, the last FFL would be the one you list..

The actual FFL who you acquired it from.

Not the others who ship it between themselves. Also not the non FFL who gave it to a FFL for shipping.

So if you ordered a gun from AIM, who ships it to your local FFL for transfer to you. It would be your local FFL's info you enter into your records as who you acquired it from.
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