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Originally Posted by CaliforniaCowboy View Post
Why not? And what exactly do you think college level is? Because I can tell you, it is not what most people think. Hell, a large fraction of college students can not read a wall clock with a minute and hour hand, no joke, for real. They also can not tell you where the majority of states are on a map or tell you what the 3 branches of government are. This is a sad FACT. Back in the 1700s, we had Americans graduating from Harvard at the age of 18 and able to quote Plato in Greek and Latin. Today they can barely read or do simple algebra. I went to a community college for 2 years then to a Cal State University, and I can tell you, there were a few really sharp professors but a whole hell of a lot of bull ****ters.
Looks to me that you just described some college “professors” to a Tee. Good job.

...and I agree.

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