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Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
We're coming up on an election year.

Despite some stupid statements by Trump about bump stocks and under 21 stuff - it remains the case that we have prospects for (at least!) ONE MORE SUPREME CT NOMINATION plus continuing the slew of Fed court nominations (magistrates, justices & appellate court slots).

The cost to fight the left (Bloomberg money) is rising and NRA spent a lot to get Trump elected last time.

I'd like to see 4 MORE YEARS of the current trend of court appointments.


"OMG no changed regulations though!" - um that's will-o'-the-wisp - and even the most favorable change in regulations can be overridden by a subsequent administration wanting to do more gunrunning or tracking southern area Hispanic semiauto rifle purchases.

"OMG no carry reciprocity" - um, yeah, but we need 60 US Senators plus a well-disposed House on our side to do that. Why tout for that legislation when the votes ain't there?

Fix the goddam courts FIRST. We've had a good start.

Oh - btw, with a revived Supreme Ct (esp with 1+ addl member) we run the chance that we can reduce or eliminate "Chevron doctrine" where opinions of reglatory agencies can run wild over time beyond legislative intent. That can further shape restrictions on ATF and other agencies (public health ones like NiH & CDC) that are trying to play with gun control.
We have another tactical advantage (at least in California). The dems are getting close to doing their interstate compact on giving electors to the winner of the popular vote. Between that and being tired of the Dems whining about the majority vote; we may get (and/or maybe encourage) republican turn out (even here in California) since our votes will actually count in the Presidential election.

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