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Originally Posted by Malco View Post
Hello fellow FFL dealers. I have a small business out of my home dealing firearms and completing some private party transfers. I have had a couple of ATF Inspections with no problems. I was recently informed of my first upcoming DOJ Dealer Compliance Inspection. I'm wondering how this might differ from an ATF inspection.

For example, the ATF agent asked me to have all paperwork (4473 forms, DROS Forms, Bound Book entries, and firearm inventory) on the table and ready for review, for the past one year before the inspection.

Is a DOJ inspection pretty much the same? I am sure that the DOJ inspector will also be looking at CA signage, warning labels, etc.

Thanks for any info. I reckon I'll give the DOJ a call, too. But I am interested in a dealer perspective
This inspection is very simple! Look at every CA law required by. CFD holder and have your ducks in a row. Soap on a rope helps. And Iím not joking.
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