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Originally Posted by Clickjack View Post
My brother back in Oklahoma retired about a year ago. He’s 45. 23 years patrol experience with a good size / professional department. Did a year as a SRO. Probably 10 years FTO. He doesn’t have any supervisory experience. never tested for SGT, etc.

Basically his wife got pregnant with kid number 4 and got breast cancer in the same year. He was needed at home, and it was financially beneficial to retire at that point. Wife’s better now, can help with the kid. Kids not as helpless as they are day one, etc.

He’s working for small School PD only pays like 35k. Lot of freedom but super bored and not much money. What’s out there? Though not a detective he’s been a cop forever, is very good at finding people and investigation.

What kind of job would you be looking for?
District Attorney Investigator. Maybe ?
College / University PD?
Security at Federal Courts ?

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