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So I just did my livescan, and was able to pick their brain a little bit while I was there. I was helped by Teresa, and she was very kind and personable.

So I understand I am not fully approved yet pending my background check but my letters of Good Moral Character and Good Cause statements have made the cut and got me this far so that's gotta be worth sharing what I have learned so far.

She made an offhand comment that not all applications are making it past the GMC and GCS to the livescan part of the process. I asked her a little more about that, and she said they put a lot of weight on your good cause statement and letters of good moral character. She said directly that they want to know what people are saying about you.

I translate that as you need to be able to put together some coherent sentences as to why you have a need, and it cant simply be to defend yourself. Ask yourself why you have a heightened need for self defense, and take that into consideration when you are filling out your application. I personally have a legitimately heightened good cause, likely well above what they require. In essence I frequent rural areas of Northern California with items of high monetary value and little to no cell coverage and very long response times. I elaborated that in detail with what/where/when for my good cause statement in about 5-6 well formed sentences.

Two of my GMC letters were from people who know me well for 20+ years, and one was from a colleague who I have know for about 3 years and all spoke about my integrity, responsibility, and good judgement. Only one letter spoke a briefly about my proficiency and safety with firearms. In other words, almost all of what my friends had to say about me had nothing to do with firearms proficiency. All letters provided names and contact info, but to my knowledge none we actually contacted.

I also submitted my GMC letters, Proof of residency (phone bill and car registration), and DD214 (Army discharge papers) within about 3-4 weeks of initially submitting the application. Well before my application was assigned to a processor.

She said due to a backlog at the DOJ Livescan can also take 4-6 additional weeks and CCW permits are not high priority for the DOJ. I called right when I got my email this morning, and she said she could squeeze me in so within 2 hours of my preliminary approval I was done with getting fingerprinted. The policy flat out says they wont ask you to complete CCW training until the DOJ livescan is complete so if you fail the background check you are not out the time and money, so keep that in mind. At this point with the backlog of applications, I would have to agree. Just wait on that part. I have had live-scans before for jobs and TSA pre-check and to my knowledge they are much faster as long as you have no hits on your fingerprints that require review by a technician, so we will see if that holds water in this case as well. Teresa said folks will always say on their application they are clean and clear, but the live-scan still eliminates people.

For what its worth she said real estate agents get a high rate of approval all other factors aside. I asked because a friend of mine is a female agent, and she said they have seen quite a few get approved. I'm not going to spell it out, but you can glean a lot from that info alone.

I hope this helps!
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