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Originally Posted by jrr View Post
An even better question: How many times has CT sued Ferrari, Lamborghini, Toyota, Ford, Dodge, or anyone else marketing insanely powerful sports cars and "drag racers"? Honestly, look at just Dodge. The Challenger Hellcat has 707Hp! Nobody NEEDS that much power? Look at their ads, always zooming around, acting like race car drivers on public streets.

How many have died in street racing accidents because of these overpowered Drag Racers? It is deceptive and unfair to market these passenger cars using race car imagery! They are deliberately setting up a Drag Racer image to sell these needlessly powerful cars! Won't someone think of the children!!!

Lets not forget that cars are used 99.99% of the time to get the gun carrying bad guy to where he - she carries out their act of gun violence. Why should bad persons have such easy access to getaway cars? 707hp gets them there faster, and easily out runs the cops. We must also sue the networks that advertise these killer cars. SARC

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