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Originally Posted by SelfGovernor View Post
Maybe I'm missing something, but I think everyone needs to take a deep breath, relax, and meditate on what the Role of the US Supreme Court is,...

That is Judicial review of lower court decisions and whether or not government operation is lawful based on the Constitution. Going directly to SCOTUS with a civil issue before it has adjudicated is generally not accepted as long as I've watched.

Until a court makes a judgement that is deemed Unconstitutional by SCOTUS, there is nothing for SCOTUS to do here.

So behind closed doors, the Lib Justices are thinking...(Constitution be dammed, We hate guns... NO)

The Conservative Justices are thinking, (Hey Wheres the beef?... NO)

So, Remington has to defend themselves in state court and use the Law as a defense. If they loose, now they have reason to appeal...up to SCOTUS.

Remington didnít go directly to SCOTUS. To appeal to SCOTUS from state courts, an appellant must appeal from the state court of last resort, which they did (it was a petition for review of a Connecticut Supreme Court denial on the immunity issue).
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