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I learned on my own shooting up to 600 in SoCal @ Angeles Shooting range - took a bit to get consistent with trial and error, but all in all not that difficult to hit metal gongs far away.

Now I'm here in the Bay area. Am aware about SacValley since years ago, but the driving distance, hoops to membership, etc. makes it less compelling to even try to go check them out.

I'm now much more interested in finding like people who'd rather zero @ 200 locally (metcalf 4th Sunday/laguna seca) and then driving out to a BLM and spending a whole morning setting up 400-600-800-1000-1500 yards target so we can practice and check elevation/test ammo/reloads, etc. for the rest of the day.

Once that's established and there are more interests, we can set up our own match out there.

I do have a sub-MOA .308 setup that haven't been taken out beyond 200.

If anyone is interested to do this in the future, PM me.
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