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Originally Posted by ibanezfoo View Post
On click on your profile pic in the top right, to go View Account -> Office Apps/Manage -> Install Office. Download the installer and run it.

Then in your start menu you will have Excel, Outlook, all that stuff. Run your Outlook from there.

Also if you just want to use the online one try a different browser. If you are using Chrome try Edge or vice versa. Or Firefox.

OK... When using the "on-line" Office, I can edit the address book (can't do that when opening Outlook from a desktop icon).

I would assume I should be able to use Outlook from my desktop, edit the address book (which I can't), and it would sync with the cloud (which it isn't).

To summarize, yes, working from the cloud, I can edit the address book. Opening Office from my desktop, I can't.
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