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Originally Posted by sealocan View Post
I'm surprised no one's mentioned the training method the old fast draw guys used to use.

Wax bullets, of course you need more room than an airsoft shooting range but you are able to use the same handgun you would normally use... so you get your same trigger and your normal exact same sights rather than dealing with whatever the airsoft training firearm will give you (which is not anything like that gun you carry).

of course you have to be always cautious because even though it's only being pushed by a primer and it's relatively soft wax, it could still hurt someone.

It works better for revolvers you can make it work in a semi auto pistol you just have to rack the slide each time.
I also heard you can just use those foam ear plugs instead of wax and although they might not shoot as straight or as far it'll give you something being pushed by just a primer and no gunpowder.

( Skip ahead to the 23:00 mark if you just want to see the wax hitting a target.)

It's not a good idea to use wax bullets when indoors since primers contain lead styphnate. You end up coating everything in the house with a lead residue.
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