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Originally Posted by LEAD LAUNCHER View Post
Disclaimer-Check your local laws and ordinances first but...

We used to shoot CB and BB caps from the 22s into a wooden backstop in the fireplace over at my friends house back in the day. From the couch.

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This is what we used when i was a kid, although my Dad made us limit it to the garage. Of course, when no one was looking we would load up 22LR, which would often go clean through the backstops and lodge in the wall between the garage and the living room. Oops.

Originally Posted by Steve G View Post
An old Stevenís crack shot and some .22 collibriís and a decent pellet trap.
Now that you mention it, I've got my Dad's Crack Shot, which is one of the guns we used for this, in the basement right now along with a few bricks of Colibri. Maybe, I'll bust them out ....and freak out wife and kids!
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