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Originally Posted by alx_cee137 View Post
Good evening everyone,

I work in the medical field and I am taking my class this weekend. I have not began the process due to the fact that I am waiting to at least turn in the certificate and also I am having a hard time on my good cause statement. I don't know if I am overthinking it, but so far I have an outline done. For those who have said to specify on the good cause for self defense. Well here's a bit of my reasoning.

I work and live in the same city as my employer (well within a 5 mile radius). My health facility services everyone from the most humble person, to the worse criminal you could think of. I am constantly threatened by 5150 patients and by patients who are impatient with the long wait times. I also live in a high crime area for the city statistics provided by RCSO to the crimereports and I can also see the that quality of life around the businesses that I frequent are not the best. On my days off when shopping around the city I tend to run into patients, some which I have avoided crossing paths with due to their violent nature they've exhibited at work. Recently, our whole staff including myself within a department were threatened by members of a criminal entity which LE has written down a report on.

My actual good cause is more detailed than this, but any pointers would be helpful.
Yes, you're on the right track there. If you have any doubts about your GC then just email it to the deputies and they'll let you know if it work and, if not, how to improve it so that it does. The new sheriff ran on a platform of Pro-2A and Pro-CCW. No reason to think that he will not keep his word on that.

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