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Originally Posted by Barbarosa View Post
You won't get a definitive answer until you get your gun inspected at qualifications. According to the CCW instructions, "Absolutely no modifications shall be made to any weapon, without the approval, and subsequent inspection, of the range master staff located at the Ben Clark Training Center."

However, some people pass inspection in spite of significant modifications to their weapon. Were it me I would go to quals with the gun intact; it's up to you to do what you want afterwards.
Bad advice! Do NOT make any modifications to your carry weapon that have not been approved prior to your qualification. Any modifications to the weapon after it has been inspected and qualified with may render that weapon to be not in compliance with the sheriff's rules and regulations regarding CCW. That non-compliant weapon would then subject you to having your CCW revoked.


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Where can I get a pair..?
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I like it colored
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I became mesmerized by a thick black shaft.
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