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Question: Anyone know if a 5 year old Fail To Appear would get you denied for a CCW?

Explanation: So I have lived in AZ for the past 8 years. I was given a ticket by CA Highway Patrol 5 years ago or so on my Arizona License, when visiting. However the Officer didnt submit the ticket under my AZ DL# and apparently put it under my CA DL# His typo I guess not sure how they submit the ticket to the court system. So at the time I didnt know about the mistake and didnt even think about it because my CA DL should of been expired and or canceled since I had surrendered it to AZ DMV. So basicly when I tried to pay the ticket it never showed up in the system. I contacted the courts several times who told me the court I was originally ticketed for had closed so it was most likely transferred to the new court and there must be a delay with them entering it to get it on the schedule. So to wait a month, so I did and tried to find it every month for 6 months when I just got busy and forgot about it. Fast forward to present I move back to CA go to surrender my AZ DL to CA and find out i have a FTA/Hold Suspension on my DL. I took care of it immediately and got it dismissed by the judge but it still shows on my CA DL under DMV administrative penalties or something like that. My 3 year record shows NO Violations No Accidents No Suspensions though.
Apologizes for the long post, just wanted to explain the circumstances.

Appricate any advice anyone may have.

Excuse typos using my phone.

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