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Originally Posted by gwayneyl View Post
Going to Ben Clark this Saturday for 1st time qualification. Any idea what is needed other than:

Each Firearm
1 box of ammo per firearm
Eye protection
Ear protection

Do we need to bring a holster for each as well? Do they have you draw from concealment?

Thanks for the help as I want to be prepared.
There is good info here. Pay particular attention to my post in this thread.
  • First, don't come to the range qual with the price tag still on your gun. Meaning, take it to the range at least ONCE to make sure you know how it shoots. If you don't know the basics of firearm safety, Ben Clark is NOT the place you should do your qualification.
  • The Deputies running the class are VERY pro-CCW, just don't go in there thinking you are Rambo. At the range, the other CCWers in the class are all very helpful. I loaned some stuff to another student, and others did the same.
  • Yes, you need a holster. They say it has to have a strap or some type of retention on it (other than just being tight in the holster). They didn't seem to care. No one was checking.
  • NO, they do not have you or allow you to draw from concealment. But if you have a IWB type holster, just wear it on top (semi-exposed) of your clothes and you will be fine.
  • If you have a bullet proof vest, bring it. Otherwise they have them there.
  • Plan to be there until 4pm and you won't be disappointed. They make the class fun. The range is a bit of unorganized chaos off the line. When you are on the line, it is VERY serious. Just hang in there.
  • They will tell you this, but pick up your brass after you finish.
  • Bring a sack lunch will make things easier.
  • Bring ALL your handguns. Even if you purchased one since you turned in your app, you can add it at the training. Riverside is not doing adds after your training. You will have to wait TWO YEARS to add another gun.
  • BTW, if your gun is modified at all, particularly self-stippling, they may not allow you to use it as a CCW.

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