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diddler, I'd personally pick the third one you posted.

If you wanna nerd out on barrels InRangeTV has a great series of detailed interviews with Faxon about barrel dynamics and properties.

BTW here's my PSA experience:
I also purchased a 20" PSA upper assembly with FSB and delta ring, it's stamped 5.56 1/7 CL MP. From my research I believe it's a Wilson Arms made barrel, although PSA has posted a statement that they have sold batches of FN barrels that were non-chrome hammer forged (CHF) that weren't FN stamped, so who knows. Honestly I don't really care.

Can't remember if it was 2011 or '12 when I ordered it, but it was on sale and a smoking deal at the time for $199 without BCG or handguard. I put it away for a couple of years before I even bore sighted it, when I did the sight was canted so much that my rear sight bottomed out. Being too late to return it, I knocked off the FSB and free floated the barrel.

Right now I think it's my current favorite setup to shoot. Mind you, I don't shoot it for tight groups, just steel plates at ASR out to 400 yards, unmagnified, using off-the-shelf brass cased 55 grain 5.56 and .223 ammo. Currently it's set up featureless with a BCM BCG, rifle buffer, irons sights co-witnessed with an Eotech, and an RRA 2 stage match trigger. It makes the 200 yard plates my beotch
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