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Default [B]New/Exciting Firearms Outing or Experience![/B]

With the world in disarray, I just want to share and hear about some fun shooting experiences! If you have learned something new, or tried some new equipment and loved it, This is the place to share!

I bought a CA7 Bolt action and I have to say that I loved shooting it, it was a workout, I would break a sweat when I went to the firing range, I didn't go through a ton of AMMO and it felt like a workout and an accomplishment.

I then bought a CMMG 9m upper to slap onto the AR, but I had to wait until I Maglocked the CA7.

FINALLY, I got to go to the firing range and shoot my new baby....wait....that didn't sound right.

IT WAS FLIPPIN" A-W-E-S-U-M!!!!!!!!! (awesome) OMG, 10 rounds is not enough for a magazine, I totally get it....when all you want to do is shoot and you have to stop and pull a pin and separate the action and then drop the mag, 10 is not enough!!!

The CMMG upper and 9mm conversion mags ran flawlessly, I was so excited!!!
I just want to take classes, Tac class, Home Defense class, Cleaning my fire arm class, putting a firearm together class.....I just want to learn, more!

I went from Revolver Girl to AR girl!!! Loving it!!!!

Please share some firearms "Happy Times" in the past few months

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