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It depends on if you are talking tactics or equipment. In other words the ability to transmit and actually transmitting are 2 different things.

I want the ability to transmit, and I would recommend that to others. Especially since there are affordable options to do so. You never know what scenario you'll be in: wife has a medical emergency and will die without treatment - sure broadcasting is a risk, but if my wife's life was on the line that's a risk I'd be willing to take, even if it killed me. What if there's someone out there who has information but they're just waiting for someone to ask? If the opposing force is military in nature they probably have good comms & the ability to find you if you transmit, but if the opposing force is a prison gang they are unlikely to have the knowledge or equipment to find you.

From an Opsec perspective I would recommend not transmitting unless necessary, and then taking precautions - keep transmissions short, use the minimum power necessary, transmit mobile, and never transmit where it would lead anyone to your true location, also be careful what you say on the radio that might give away your location.
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