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Originally Posted by bubbapug1 View Post
Top man has to go... he's a pig. A pig that don't fly straight.
I am very committed member of the NRA, a life member for the last 20 some odd years and I will continue to support the NRA with my membership and my financial contributions. The NRA Is the only organization that is effective at the federal level to protect the second amendment. There is a reason that the gun grabbing Democrats Are constantly referencing the NRA. You don't hear them condemning and vilifying The Second Amendment foundation, the CRPA, or gun owners of America. Only the NRA is hated and despised by the enemies of the Constitution and the Second Amendment. That's all I need to know.

That said, clearly Wayne Lapierre has been at the helm of the NRA for far too long and needs to go.

NRA life member
SAF life member
CRPA member

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