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Originally Posted by smoothy8500 View Post
A .22LR at 100-150yds can be a very effective substitute for 600yd wind-reading. If you have a good .22 and use quality target velocity ammunition, you can observe and record how the wind influences a projectile. You will start seeing the 2 or 3MOA shift in impact associated with changes in velocity or direction.
Good advice smoothy. Quality 22 ammo is certainly cheaper than match grade 308.

Right now, I have a Marlin 795 and a Ruger 10/22 in my collection that I play around with. I have been debating investing in a bolt-action like a Marlin XT-22 or a Ruger American rimfire with a good scope for long distance. If the price drops low enough, I may just pick up another Nikon to match the one for the Howa.

I feel like I missed the boat on stocking up on quality subsonic .22 ammo before the whole ammo permit thing kicked in. I'm going to look around to see what is available at the local gun shops. Otherwise, I'll try my luck online.
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