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There was a kid in class when I was a boy who didn’t turn in homework for a couple of days. The kid argued that the teacher couldn’t do anything about it because the teacher had said a few days ago that there wouldn’t be any homework because kids need to sleep. Due to the rotation of the earth producing different time zones, the boy said, there was always a place on earth where children were sleeping. Therefore, no homework could ever be due.

Smart kid. Anyone want to guess what happened?

You can be as linguistically precise as you want, but in the end the law is whatever the legal system ultimately decides it is. And all prosecutors know that there is such a thing as punishment by unsuccessful prosecution. They can lose the prosecution, and in the end you will still lose your house, your car, your job, your retirement savings, years of your life, and perhaps even your health and your family, and you’ll get to be right.

But hey, you do you.
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